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How to avoid the basic scam?

In crisis time, there is always someone to try to scam you especially if you're desperate to find extra cash to make the ends meet or just willing to find a new jobs... Below, we have listed for you many basics scams used for a while on internet, then read it carefully, it might save you money and time.

If you find any supect classifieds on the website please tell us by the report menu on each classifieds.

Give away vehicles:

If someone offers you a car but ask you to paid for the cost of the transportation, you can end up with an eternal waiting because once the money pocketed, the car will never arrives.
How to avoid it?
If you can't pick up the car by yourself, forget it.

Pets offering:

You're looking for a pet (dog, cat or whatever) but have no money to spend, a guy offers you his pet for free because he got a job abroad and the pet can't get use of the weather or another reason. The problem is that the pet is for free but he asks you to send him money via Western Union for the delivery. After 2 weeks you're still waiting for your pet and the guy doesn't answer anymore, you've been scam.
How to avoid it?
If you can't go by yourself to pick up the pet, just don't waste your time and money.


A company offers you a loan while your credit history is so bad that all the other companies had turned their back to you? Doesn't smell good, they will ask you details, even phone you.. You think it's real, it's just getting worst in fact. If you go on, they will ask you for a cosigner or a deposit to be sent with Money Gram, Western Union or another kind of company. Let's get 'real', if the company was official, they will ask you for a money transfer, a cheque or to paid by card via their secured form online, they will never ask you to send money with this kind of company, only scammers do that way. In the better case, if you sent the money, you just lost it, in the worst case, they might use your details to get 'real' forged documents and get a bank account on your name to do a bigger scam elsewhere.
How to avoid it?
Ask them a land line to call them back because you have to go. If they don't want to provide you this tiny piece of information, runaway from them.

Free english tuition:

If you live elsewhere than in an english speaker country and are desperate to go 6 months or more to study english and work a bit, be careful of those who promise you to paid for your flight tickets and your accomodation against a bit a work in their restaurant or whatever is their excuses. As soon as you will land, they will take your passport from you, tell you that you owe them a lot of money and have to paid them back. They will brainwashed you until to be sure you won't go to the police or ambassy and they will finally place you in one of their brothels.
How to avoid it?
Just select a well-known english schools, ask in forums people from your country who went there to look for some piece of advises, then, paid your own flight ticket and your accomodation before to go. Once there you have the time to look for a school ( or book a good one online if you need it for the student visa ).

Job abroad:

The best is to arrive first in the country where you want to work, then, when you are used of their customs, you can start to look for a job. If you want to get the job before to go, select only companies you can cheque their background, it might avoid you some problems, especially for girls who think that someone can post an advertising for a waitress, cashier or other catering jobs and accepts then while they don't speak a word of the language used in this country. Get smart, or you might finish in a brothels.
How to avoid it?
If you can't cheque the background of the company, it's dodgy. Learn the language before to go and at least you won't end up with a cleaning position while you have a degree in computing.

Home working:

If a company offers you a really well paid job with just a few daily or weekly hours work, let's be frank, it's a scam, nobody will pay for your laziness. The most common offer is that the company is abroad and is in the process to open a branch in your country but they do not have their professionnal bank account yet, then they have no way to pocket the money they are already doing and are just looking for someone to put the cheques in his bank account and to do a transfer via Western Union to them minus 5% commission. If you're not smart enough to see what's going on, I will highlight it for you, you're just doing some money laundering for them and might end up in jail that.
How to avoid it?
Just don't answer them.

Vehicles for sell:

You're selling your car or your motorbike and a guy from abroad tell you he is interested and wants to buy it? The guy tells you he is going to send you a cheque and that a transporter he knows will pick up the goods for him at the place you want? It's dodgy, what will really happens is that you are going to receive the cheque but by mistake he added one or two 0 more than expected. When you will contact him, he will say it's a mistake and what you can do is to go to the bank with it and send him the difference via western union. The problem is that the cheque was stolen and because it was abroad it took 2 weeks to get bounce while your real money is already in his pocket.
How to avoid it?
If someone send you a cheque of this kind, just throw it in the bin, it's quicker.


If you answer to a gorgeous lady from her ad and she finish to ask you to register to another website because she wants to avoid the time wasters or what else, it's 100% a scam, she or he will get a pourcentage from the registration fee from the other website or 1 or 2 $ if it's a free registration. It's called 'affiliate program'. Second thing who might happen, you add her msn address, start to chat with her and she finish to ask you to connect to another website to play with her online. If she really wants it, msn messenger already manages the webcam, she just wants to make you paid for the show.
How to avoid it?
delete her email address as soon as she ask you to register elsewhere.

Just to finish, nothing wrong with Western Union if you transfer the money to friends, relatives or people you know but in another case, just don't.

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